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If you have a good job a comfortable commute, a nice home, and an additional fitness class, must thank your feet. Believe it or not, you can do all the things you do because you have two functioning legs at your service. Our days are so busy that we don’t realise when we put our feet through a treacherous ordeal, and, at the end of the day when they hurt, we wonder why they hurt so much.

Like any other part of your body, your feet are not a machine. It can do a lot of amazing things but if you don’t rest and nourish your feet enough, it’s going pain and cause severe discomforts. Here are some things that you do every day that may cause harm to your feet every day.

Long Commuting Hours

We know, there is nothing much you can do about the hours at work. If you live far from work, there are no excuses. Those who live on the outskirts of Mumbai, travel from 2-6 hours every day to reach office. You may not realise this, but those long hours are terrible for your feet. If you spend more than an hour on the road, you can expect foot pain, cramps, and discomfort.

You cannot help the long hours but there are ways to relax your feet after you come back from work. If you have a flexible workplace, you can do some of these exercises at work too. Once you reach your destination, sit on the bed (or in your cabin in the office) and wiggle your toes, roll your ankles, first clockwise then anti-clockwise. Try to sit with your feet up for some time. If this is your workplace, you can have a small stool in your cabin where you keep your feet elevated for some time every day.

Walking Bare Feet

The ground can be cold, hard, uncomfortable, you may step on something pointed, etc. These are some of the many reasons to avoid being barefoot. Athlete’s foot commonly occurs among those who use public showers or locker rooms, which is a painful fungal disease. Sandals at home can protect your feet from fungal infections, or from hurting yourself with a sharp object. It can also protect you from the cold during the winters. Places like Delhi has a severe winter and the mosaic tiles absorb the cold weather. It is always safer to protect your feet with a pair of sandals.

Incorrect Stepping

It’s hard to tell if there is something wrong with your stepping. So, ask someone you can trust to watch your stepping. If you walk differently, your loved one might let you know. There are many reasons why we walk differently. Sometimes, we do it to protect the hurting area on our feet. Other times, we do it because of uncomfortable foot ware. Either way, we don’t usually find out if we are walking on our inner sole, or protecting our heels. Improper footing can cause your ankles to roll which may lead to problems with blood circulation and damage your knees and hips in the long run.

Uncomfortable Footwear

Ladies, you know those heels you love? Well, your feet do not love them! This tendency to wear uncomfortable footwear is not just something women do – men stuff their feet in uncomfortable office shoes as well. It does not matter if they are heels or formal shoes, if you are going to be in them for the entire day, your feet will not be happy.

This can lead to a host of problems like foot sores, blisters, bunions, pain, swelling, etc. The best way to address this problem is by reducing the time you are in those uncomfortable shoes. This may sound unthinkable, especially if you have long work hours. But think about it. There are times when you are not in a meeting. What about your long commute? You can carry your formals and travel in comfortable sport’s shoes. Change into your work shoes in the office. Change back to comfortable shoes on your way back.

Your socks are crucial when it comes to daily commute and foot health. We usually just grab anything and wear them. But you need socks that are form-fitting instead of those that cut blood circulation through an elastic band. Syounaa has special health socks that are made for those who have long work hours. If you are diabetic you might like you check our diabetic socks variant. Syounaa socks increase blood circulation around your feet. This naturally heals foot sores and aches.


Lastly, it is not always the things we do that hurt our feet but about the things we don’t do as well. We are all busy people and the idea of spending some time on our feet seems unthinkable to most of us. So, we neglect them when we have blisters, cuts, bruises, etc. This is perhaps the worst thing you do to your feet. Your feet deserve some TLC. So, take time to massage your feet. Wash them in lukewarm water and pat dry your feet before applying a mild moisturiser.

So, here are a few everyday things that hurt your feet. You can change all that. It’s all about the little things that make a whole lot of difference.

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