How does Infrared light help Diabetes Patients?

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“… (Infrared red) light increases vasodilation or blood flow, light increases nitric oxide, nitric oxide causes vasodilation. So, it was almost serendipitous when we put these together.”

–    Dr. Thomas Burke

Four years ago ‘LED Therapy Lights’ published an interview with Dr. Thomas Buke On their channel. Dr. Thomas, a retired physiologist from the University of Colorado medical school has done impeccable studies on the effects of infrared light therapy on soldiers who have faced brain trauma and on patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This study has proved to be quite essential as patients could see permanent healing because healthy brain cells started to replace the damaged cells after the infected area was exposed to infrared light. The treatment is still undergoing a lot of research but medical practitioners are confident that infrared light will be a very important part of healing in the future.

Dr. Thomas Buke also states that though the study is revolutionary, using infrared light is not a new phenomenon. We have been using small amounts of infrared light to heal diabetic foot ulcers and/or peripheral neurosis. Since diabetes is a degenerative illness, frequent small doses of infrared light around the limbs have shown to have impeccable results on diabetics. It keeps their diabetes from affecting other parts of the body. It has been an important part of allopathy in the last fifteen years but was used in Chinese medicine for more than 3,000 years!

The Effects Of Infrared Light on Diabetic Patients

Recent studies have proved the effectiveness of Infrared healing on diabetic foot ulcers. One of these experiments were conducted in 2016 by Ashrafalsadat Hakim, Ali Sadeghi Moghadam, Abdalali Shariati, Hamid Karimi, and Mohamad Hossien Haghighizadeh. The patients taken in this study were Dr. Ganjavian’s patients from a hospital in Dezful city, Iran.

Scientists and medical practitioners accepted 50 diabetic patients for the purpose of this study. They were divided into two groups of 25 people each. The first group received infrared treatment on their diabetic foot ulcers while the second group acted more like a control group. Researchers conducted a series of (legal and ethical) tests on them after the infrared therapy. Interestingly those who were exposed to infrared healing saw speedier recovery than those who were not.

The recent study followed by Dr. Thomas’s revelation only mean one thing – infrared light is very effective for natural healing. Have you ever heard gym instructors telling you to stay in the sauna for 10 – 15 minutes after a workout to reduce muscle cramps? It has the same principles. All these practices lead to vasodilation and increase nitric oxide which also contributes to vasodilation.

Since this is a natural method, it is not known to have any side effects especially when such a small quantity is used for the treatment. However, in the above video, Dr. Thomas emphasises that it is crucial to accurately identify the infected area before we start treatment or else the treatment will be a waste of resources.

The thing is infrared is a resource but certain materials and technologies allow you to make infrared energy with wasting resources. This only happens when the energy is recycled from other resources. Syounaa products, for instance, use your body heat around areas of your feet that are prone to infection, sores and peripheral neurosis and converts it to infrared energy. This energy then promotes blood circulation or vasodilation around those areas to ensure oxygenation. In simpler terms, infrared light does not heal your feet, rather it creates favourable conditions for your body to heal itself.

Many diabetics have resorted to infrared healing for natural relief and it has proved to help many. There are many infrared saunas made especially for diabetics but and as said earlier, Syounaa specifies in footwear that has infrared technology. But for those who are looking for natural cost-effective ways to benefit from infrared – the solution is right in front of you. Sunlight. That’s right, sunlight is free and contains infrared emissions. Though too much of it is not good, spending 15 minutes below the sun and exposing foot ulcers to sunlight is very beneficial to your health. Those with less melanin in their skin need to spend lesser time in the sun and vice versa.

We hope that after reading this article you can start looking into the advantages of infrared lights and how it can be beneficial to your general health. There are scientific studies telling you that this works and it is high time we start giving it a thought. Let’s focus on a more holistic approach to our body.

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