Health Socks (Black)

Health Socks (Black)


This is a perfect sock for everyday comfort, wellness and most athletic activities. It recycles and converts radiant body heat into infrared energy which gives the body a measurable boost.

It’s less fabric. More hybrid engine. Your body is a battery. Syounaa sports sports socks keeps you charged. Each fiber reflect light (both visible and infrared) back to the body. The energy from this light improves blood flow in the target area. The increased blood flow and blood oxygen levels help muscles and joints combat stiffness and soreness. the result : your body works more efficiently with greater stamina and faster recovery times

Designed for those who want the benefits of celliant technology for increased oxygen, muscle recovery, comfort and pain relief with a minamilistic feel

Infrared light vaporizes moisture on a molecular level, drying you significantly faster than wicking technologies. Since it’s not a coating, it’s effectiveness never diminishes or washes outs. The mesh-ventilated upper helps enhance breath-ability. Seamless toe for zero toe friction

Helps to control foot odor and bacteria growth for increased overall freshness and hygiene levels. 

Product Description

Perfect for: 

Standing For Long Hours
Outdoor Activities

Syounaa sports socks improve your performance because they concentrate on the one thing you need the most – oxygen.

Syounaa Sports socks are proven and effective way to improve blood circulation during various sport/gym activities. Designed for those who want the benefits of CELLIANT® technology for increased oxygen, muscle recovery, comfort and pain relief with a minimalistic feel. Perfect for athletes and anyone looking for better  performance. The technology has been clinically proven to heighten athletic performance and provide relief from fatigue. It recycles and converts radiant body heat into infrared energy; the radiant energy then facilitates better blood circulation. The combination of the both gives the body a measurable boost and helps you perform better. With the increased amount of oxygen and blood flow, we can perform better and for longer hours with lesser time needed for recovery.

We are the only Indian company that sells socks made with the FDA determined Celliant Technology. Celliant fibre is designed to promote therapeutic healing and facilitate elevated performance. It is a Tested, Clinically Proven & Patented Technology from USA.

FDA has found that products containing Celliant have resulted in:

Increased Speed

Faster Recovery

Enhanced Performance

Better Endurance

Improved Strength

syounaa sports socks infograph


Syounaa Socks Made Using US-FDA Determined Celliant Technology Helps In Many Ways!

  • Improve blood flow in the hands and feet of High-Risk Diabetics.
  • You use less oxygen to accomplish the same amount of work showing increase in efficiency and better performance.
  • Leads to faster muscle tissue recovery, and also reduce the incidence of cramping, edema, and muscle fatigue post strenuous exercise.