Temperature Regulation With Syounaa Socks

Your comfort depends largely on your temperature. Celliant-powered fabrics help regulate your body temperature—keeping you cooler as you get hot, and warmer as you get cold—because Celliant’s infrared energy increases local circulation and cell oxygenation. These increases help your body’s ability to effectively thermoregulate itself.

How Does Syounaa Sports Socks Regulate Temperature?

Syounaa Socks consist of various safe and naturally occurring, blend of minerals infused inside its fiber. Of the various different minerals Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide and Aluminum Oxide are the three main minerals present in the socks.

The three minerals mentioned above are used as primary minerals because of the properties discussed below:

1 – Silicon Dioxide: The sand on our beaches is silicon dioxide, in the form of finely ground quartz. It helps reflect and absorb energy.
2 – Aluminum Oxide: Aluminum oxide is the molecular foundation of the corundum family of gemstones, including rubies and sapphires. It helps reflect energy.
3 – Titanium Dioxide: We commonly know titanium dioxide as an ingredient in sunblock and toothpaste. It helps absorb light.

Though the socks are made of different minerals, you will never feel their presence because they are ground into a fine powder of approximately 1 micron per particle (100 times smaller than the human hair). The unique minerals are embedded into the core of the fiber.

This Celliant Technology used in the socks can absorb our body heat and convert to electromagnetic light energy and re-emit it. The energy, which is sent back to our body, triggers vasodilation in the capillary bed of our feet, which in turn makes more oxygen available to our cells. As a result, we maintain our body temperature effectively. This biological process increases tissue oxygenation by 7%.

Does Syounaa Sports Socks Have Any Side Effects?

Our technology was tested and developed under the supervision of the scientific advisory board that comprised biologists, physicists and chemists. The Celliant fibrer, used to make Syounaa Socks, has been tested through 11 clinical, preclinical, technical and physical trials, and 8 peer-reviewed published studies.

The technology, used to make Syounaa Socks, is ‘non-invasive’ in nature, which means that does not cause permanent changes to the body. Manufacturers of the technology have also gone out of the way to ensure that information is available to everyone.

They have published a summary of the 11 clinical trials on their website. Syounaa wanted to make sure that we use the safest and well-recognized technology to manufacture our socks. Hence, you can use SyounaaTM Socks without any worry.

The Benefits of Temperature Regulation Around Your Feet

Since your feet take on more pressure than the rest of your body, its temperature may vary slightly. You may have felt cold feet while the rest of you is warm and you may have found your feet to be exceptionally hot while your body temperature is normal. This can cause health issues, but more so it can be extremely uncomfortable.

During the winter, most of our body heat escapes from our feet, which reduces our overall body temperature. Syounaa Socks helps you trap that body heat and maintain a stable body temperature. The opposite happens in the summer; your feet are warmer than the rest of your body, and this raises our overall body temperature. In this case, Syounaa Socks regulate your temperature and keep your feet fresh and well oxygenated.

Though our socks are ideal for athletes and diabetic patients, they are suitable for people living a hectic lifestyle. For those who do not have the time to take care of their feet and travel long hours, Syounaa looks after your feet so that you can take care of everything else.