Diabetic Foot Care In India

If you have diabetes, you would know that you need to spend some time every day to take care of yourself. You must monitor your blood glucose level, food intake, blood pressure and so much more. In the process of maintaining the most crucial issues of diabetes, we tend to forget one of the most important pillars of our body – our feet. A diabetic patient must take time to take care of their feet to prevent foot sores, pains and liability to injury.

What are Diabetic Socks and How Are They Different from Regular Socks?

Diabetic socks are designed for diabetic patients. It provides your feet with the much-needed care so that you can carry out your daily activities with ease. Syounaa Diabetic Socks provide our patients with the comfort and stability that is essential for your routine. After giving our socks a try, many of our customers have noticed the following vital differences from regular socks

1 – Reduced pain and irritation around the foot area

2 – Reduced foot swelling

3 – Lesser blisters at the surface of the skin

4 – Reduced sweat accumulation

Regular socks tend to have a tight elastic band at its rim to secure it in position. Though this may not pose any problem for a non-diabetic person, it cuts a diabetic person’s blood flow around their feet. Diabetic patients already have reduced oxygenation at their feet and the toe area because of the higher levels of blood glucose levels; they cannot afford the further reduction of oxygen in and around their feet area. This is where Syounaa Sports & Diabetic socks come in handy. Our socks are non-elastic in nature. So, while it is form fitting it does not suffocate the feet, nor does it wrinkle with movement. This design allows the feet to remain well oxygenated and less compressed. Since there is no elastic band on the socks, it reduces the chances of foot swelling.

Another exciting aspect of the Syounaa Sports and Diabetic socks is that it alleviates moisture from the feet. As a diabetic patient, you should cover your feet as much as possible. However, in warm and humid climatic conditions like ours, it is quite natural for us to accumulate sweat around our socks. Sweating and wetness can lead to foot infections. This is why we use a unique technology that absorbs moisture from your feet and helps them remain dry and healthy.

How are Syounaa Diabetic Socks Different from other Diabetic Socks?

Unlike other diabetic socks, Syounaa takes an extra step to provide diabetic patients with the comfort they require. The main reason why diabetic patients experience discomfort around their feet is that of reduced blood flow, reduced oxygenation and high blood pressure around their feet which is a deadly combination and must be avoided at all costs.

Syounaa Diabetic socks not only follows the necessary features needed to make it ideal for diabetic patients, but the technology it uses is also US FDA determined. Regular diabetic socks are seamless but are made using regular fibers like Cotton, Acrylic, Nylon or Polyester, but Syounaa wanted to take it a step further. We used responsive fibers which is a result of extensive research conducted for years that uses body temperature to regulate oxygen levels and blood flow in and around the feet.

Syounaa Diabetic Socks are made of a unique fibre called Celliant. This technology infuses beneficial minerals in the fabric. We use this fabric in the manufacturing of our socks. The patented mineral blend in the fibre trap your body heat and convert it to infrared energy. It then stores and converts the trapped heat and then supplies it back to the body. The heat re-emitted from the socks facilitates blood flow which leads to faster oxygenation of the feet. Once the foot is well oxygenated, it reduces foot pressure and therefore gives patients some much-needed relief.

Though the socks only cover the foot and lower calf area, it provides benefits to your entire leg. By facilitating blood flow on your feet, it reduces pressure from your calves and thighs as well. Unlike any other diabetic socks, Syounaa Sports socks can help decrease the chances of foot amputations, ulcers and infections.

When Should You Wear These Socks?

As a diabetic patient, you are required to keep your feet covered as much as possible. It is advisable to wear these socks from the time you step out of bed to the time you go back to sleep. The lesser time you are barefooted, the less likely are you to injure your foot. 

Some of The Many Advantages of Wearing Syounaa Diabetic Socks


Syounaa Socks Made Using US-FDA Determined Celliant Technology Helps In Many Ways!