Frequently Asked Questions

Here's What People Ask Us About Syounaa Socks

Diabetic people may have issues with their feet due to poor blood circulation. The Celliant technology used in Syounaa Socks may help improve blood circulation for healthy individuals.

 Syounaa socks can be used by anyone as a daily wear socks as the Celliant infrared therapy is beneficial to all.

Syounaa Socks can be used everyday and for any amount of time (all day long or overnight) as one wishes.

Never before have textiles delivered the health benefits of Light therapy. Syounaa Diabetic and Theraupetic Socks uses specially formulated Celliant Technology to convert human body heat to infrared. Infrared is widely recognized to having positive effects on the body.

Yes, Celliant’s effectiveness and the benefits of infrared energy has been demonstrated in 11 clinical, preclinical, technical and physical trials, and 8 peer-reviewed published studies. Additional information on each study can be requested from us by emailing us at

While you may not necessarily be able to perceive; clinical testing has measured an increase in skin oxygen levels (TCPO2) and consistently recorded significant improvements across a wide spectrum of test subjects. Consumers who tried Syounaa ™ Therapeutic Socks often experienced increased comfort and an overall improved sense of well-being.

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