Faster Recovery with Syounaa Sports Socks

Your period of recovery is reflective of your overall health. Stronger people recover faster and vice versa. The nature of recovery also varies from each other. For instance, foot sores, caused by diabetes or obesity, or muscle fatigue, that occurs after an intensive workout, recover at different times. Syounaa Socks play a significant role in speeding up the recovery process for both foot sores and muscle fatigue.

What is Muscle Fatigue?

Muscle Fatigue is a condition that occurs after repeated physical movements. It decreases our muscles’ ability to perform and brings us to a state of exhaustion.

Muscle fatigue is common after a rigorous workout. Though it is harmless, it slows down the athlete as they have to wait until their muscles have recovered, before they can start training again. It commonly occurs because of the sudden shift in body temperature- there is a general increase in our core temperature while our limbs remain cool. Another reason for it is the increase in anaerobic respiration that occurs within our muscles. Lastly, the increased pressure on your muscles leads to muscle fatigue.

How Do Syounaa Sports Socks Reduce Recovery Time For Muscle Fatigue?

Muscle fatigue leads to tense muscle tissues. If you press a sore muscle after a workout, you will be able to feel its toughness. Syounaa Socks encourage blood flow to your sore feet and calf area. Blood carries oxygen to sensitive areas, and this encourages vasodilation. Vasodilation is a process where the capillary endings start to relax, creating a soothing effect on your feet.

One of the main reasons for muscle fatigue is the sudden increase in anaerobic respiration. Sore muscles have a reduction in oxygen flow. Syounaa sports socks, on the other hand, increase tissue oxygen by 7%. The quicker supply of oxygen to your feet and lower leg, helps you recover faster so that you can get back on the treadmill.

Lastly, the sock’s ability to regulate your body temperature plays a critical role in speeding up your recovery process. As temperature increases around the feet, your socks absorb the heat and turn it into Infrared Rays and gets absorbed back in the muscle tissue. It dramatically increases your endurance levels and reduces the chances of muscle fatigue or injury.

Foot Sores - Causes & Recovery

Foot sores usually occur among diabetic and obese patients, but it can happen to anyone. Below are some common reasons for foot sores:

  • Standing for long hours without a break
  • Friction between your feet and the floor, carpet or shoe
  • Extreme climatic conditions
  • Bacterial infection caused by sweaty feet
  • Diabetes and obesity
  • The high pressure around your feet

There are many reasons to get, and they can be extremely uncomfortable. They make it difficult for us to manage our daily activity and can be a bane of existence. However, Syounaa Socks help you provide relief, and get your life back on track.

How Do Syounaa Socks Help Prevent Foot Sores

As you may already know, Syounaa socks focus on blood circulation, vasodilation, and oxygenation. A combination of the three relaxes your feet, and a relaxed foot is less likely to have foot sores. Our socks attend to some particular causes of foot sores. For instance, while standing for long hours increases the pressure on your feet, Syounaa Socks alleviates the pressure from your feet. Their non-conforming structure also helps keep your feet light and balanced. This reduces the chances of getting foot sores from standing for an extensive period.

These socks are made of a breathable fabric which protect your feet and reduces the chances of friction. Sometimes, regular socks cause friction and irritation around our feet as they tend to wrinkle at the curves of your feet, causing sores. Syounaa socks’ non-conforming nature allows it to take the shape of your feet without suffocating them and therefore ensures that your foot is relaxed and free from sores.

Bacterial infections are quite common for those who naturally sweat a lot from their feet. It also occurs for those who wear regular socks that cannot absorb sweat. Prolonged exposure to sweat can not only create foot sores but also lead to bacterial infections. They take a long time to heal and often causes a lot of discomfort and embarrassment because of the strong stench. Syounaa socks are absorbent. It absorbs sweat and helps keep your foot dry. Dry feet are less likely to have infections and foot sores.

Though Syounaa Socks can provide relief, we urge you to consult a doctor if condition is severe or if you have it for a prolonged period.

Why Syounaa Is A Proven Solution for Faster Recovery

Syounaa Socks use FDA determined Celliant Technology from USA. They are designed to utilize and recycle body heat and convert it to energy for faster recovery. Syounaa Socks are entirely safe to use. Wear them without worry and reduce the stress around your feet.


Syounaa Socks Made Using US-FDA Determined Celliant Technology Helps In Many Ways!