Syounaa Works For You.

Syounaa offers natural healing in every walk of your life

Energy In Every Fiber

Every strand of fiber that goes in the making of Syounaa socks is powered by Celliant Technology. Celliant fiber is one that has a unique blend of naturally occurring minerals, grinded into fine particles and infused within the fiber. 

infograph on how syounaa works

The Process

absrob heat with syouaa diabetic socks icon

Absorbs body heat

Celliant’s proprietary mix of 13 unique minerals are embedded into the core of polyester fibres during the extrusion process.

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Converts it to Infrared 

These embedded minerals give any product developed with Celliant the ability to absorb and re-emit the visible and infrared electromagnetic light energy emitted by the body.

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Infrared Energy Recycles Back

These minerals then alter the wavelengths of this energy and reflect them back to the body, even through multiple layers of fabrics, making it possible for the tissue to absorb it.

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Increase In Tissue Oxygenation

The energy that Celliant recycles back to the body triggers vasodilation in the capillary bed and makes more oxygen available to your cells. This results in more fuel for your body.

This natural, biological process improves circulation resulting in an average increase in tissue oxygenation of up to 30%.  

The result: your body uses oxygen more efficiently.


Syounaa Socks Made Using US-FDA Determined Celliant Technology Helps In Many Ways!

  • Improve blood flow in the hands and feet of High-Risk Diabetics.
  • You use less oxygen to accomplish the same amount of work showing increase in efficiency and better performance.
  • Leads to faster muscle tissue recovery, and also reduce the incidence of cramping, edema, and muscle fatigue post strenuous exercise.