What Our Customers Say

"I used this product for over 10 days and I must tell you that there is relief from general body pain and some incremental energy. I am a patient of fibromyalgia. My daughter who tried the other pair I purchased used it for calf muscle strain and she did have considerable relief after overnight use of this therapeutic socks. Hope this product gives u relief too if ur in pain or just want to enjoy a little more energy. Love and light always"
"Lovely socks! Don’t feel like they’re on your feet. I’ve only just tried them so will add to the review after they go through a wash or two. Then I’ll probably buy some more. Update: washed and worn again. Size has stated consistent. Really nice thin socks!"
"I bought 2 pairs of socks and it’s working great good comfort ...it goes easy on your legs gives more breatheability good for diabetic foot care and pnp"
"Was looking for socks on Amazon and came across syounaa , firstly I wasn't very sure since it's new a product but after trying the product I'm very happy with my purchase decision , it's worth the money . The socks are comfortable and my legs don't really pain that much after a tiring day it helps in good blood circulation . Definitely ordering this for my mom and dad as well ! Must order"
"I have purchased this to prevent foot swelling due to 12 hours of prolonged use of socks during office hours or during travel. It’s really awesome. Now there is no swelling mark or bad odour after prolonged use. Great product indeed."
"I Ordered this Product for my Mother She felt very happy with this product. She is a Diabetic patient and has very sensitive feet. she feels comfortable with this socks and she overcome her feet sensitivity problems after a week of usage. this is wonderful product for diabetic patient's .Thanks to Amazon and Syounaa for providing helpful product to the customers"
"Best pair of socks giving 5star for its softness ,comfort and feels good while wearing them. Your feets never feel pain and it protect from all bacterial infection which can harm your feets."
"The socks are as described on Amazon web site, very light and comfortable. After wearing these socks I will never wear any other socks.."
"Nice product. Very soft and smooth on feet. Often I do long runs and i was looking for some good stuff socks. Seamless toe and soft fabric are savior and helps keep going for longer without irritating the feet. And the ventilated upper mesh is very helpful for breath ability and keep the feet muscle cooler."
"The socks are extremely comfortable and good for diabetic patients. Most useful while sleeping, keeps feet warm."
"I bought this for my grandfather. I have ordered this 3 times. He loves it and insisted wear it all day and night. Seems to be working miracle for him. He seems to be more relaxed during his walks and swelling on his feet have drastically reduced. Thanks to Amazon for getting this great product, and thanks to the doctor who suggested this pair of socks to him. Cheers."
"While purchading these socks, I thought I was paying too much for just a pair of socks. Actually I wanted to use this for playing badminton. After use I found that it does not allow feet to heat and make feet comfortable. I used to have some pain in ankle, but now I feel its gone. I dont know it happened after using these socks or not. But I liked this pair. Perfect comfortable while playing."
"It’s been a few days I’ve used this product. I use these only for running and casual workouts. They are holding up really well. They are very breathable, light and thin, which is what I was looking for. I’ve hand washed it many times now and no threads or anything is coming out of it, so the quality is good. Fit for me is spot on. As far as the claimed special abilities of the socks, I don’t know about that yet."
"Excellent pair of socks. The fit is very sleek unlike other socks that tend to be a bit thick and tend to bunch up. These also breathe very well. Highly recommended"