Syounaa™ Launches Made in India Self Sanitising Face Mask With Ionic+ Technology

Is your Covid mask making you sick? Well, not your mask per se, but it has everything to do with how you take care of your mask.

A standard N95 mask is believed to filter out 95% of harmful virus and bacteria, but it also means that the harmful microbes sit on the surface of the mask waiting to infect those around you – it may even infect you if you touch its surface and then touch your eyes or nose.

While soaping and drying is a viable option, we need a safer solution. Something that keeps deadly pathogens at bay and reduces the chances of re-contamination.

This is where Syounaa’s self-sanitizing mask can come handy.

Syounaa Self Sanitizing Mask

Syounaa anti-microbial masks effectively kill 99% of bacteria that lands on the mask and reduces the chances of recontaminating clean hands and face. It is India’s first self sanitising mask with Ionic+ silver technology.

The Technology

Syounaa masks are made of a special Ionic+ yarn, using the noble ionic+ technology. Though this technology was originally devised to keep bad odour at bay, it has shown to be effective with disease-causing microbes as well.

Moisture from the atmosphere and your body triggers the yarn to emit positively charged silver ions. These ions then react with negatively charged microbial ions in an attempt to become neutrally charged. As a result, it eliminates microbes from the mask’s surface.

To ensure an added layer of security, the first and the third layer of all Syounaa masks are made with the ionic+ yarn. The second layer is made of non-woven propylene which acts as a barrier against droplets (most likely to contain pathogens).

Self Cleaning Masks That Don’t Cause Any Harm

Are you worried that this magic mask has harmful chemicals? Well, you can rest assured that our technology is all-natural and chemical-free!

In fact, many of our customers have mentioned that the fabric is breathable, and soft on the skin.

One of our customers even said that since the mask is less suffocating compared to thick cotton masks in the market, it has helped to reduce his mother’s migraines.

Our technology is EPA certified, and hence can be used for kids, senior citizens, kept near pets and so on.

How To Clean A Self Cleaning Mask?

Syounaa masks do not have to be cleaned as often as a regular cotton mask. Only clean them when there are visible stains or if they haven’t been washed in a while.

Ensure that the water is not too cold nor too hot – lukewarm water is ideal.

Avoid scrubbing the mask or using a strong detergent. If you aren’t sure of your detergent, you can use a mild body soap. It’s better to let it soak because scrubbing can tear the ionic+ yarn.

Once it’s well soaked in soapy water, shift it to a clean water bowl to remove the excess soap. Squeeze it gently in your palms to remove and avoid wringing it out.

Let it air dry and make sure it is completely moisture-free before you wear it again.

With the right care, you will have a self cleaning mask with everlasting ion+ technology.

The tragic Covid stories that keep flooding our phones have forced us to come to terms with the fact that the pandemic is here to stay (at least for some time). And in a moment like this, we cannot have a pathogen infested mask within the safety of our home.

The Syounaa self-sanitising mask is a better alternative to both its cotton and disposable cousins. It keeps you and your family safe from foreign invaders that are too small for our eyes to see.