10 Most Popular Diabetic Socks In India

10 Most Popular Diabetic Socks in India

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Diabetic socks came into the western market very recently. Within a few years of launch, popular diabetic socks made way in India. Many diabetic socks became famous, but only a few of them are worth your purchase.

In this article, we will talk about the ten most popular diabetic socks, the technologies used to make these socks and how good they are. We rate them from the tenth to the best diabetic socks in India, so make sure you stick around till the end.

Here’s our take on the most popular diabetic socks in India.

What Is A Diabetic Foot

Before we look into the most popular diabetic socks in India, it is essential to understand what happens to a diabetic’s feet. Excellent diabetic socks can curb all diabetes-related foot problems. We need to know what those problems so that we can better understand how diabetic socks can fight against them. Here are some of the most common problems diabetic faces on their feet.

1. Peripheral Vascular Disease

With insulin unable to regulate blood sugar, excessive blood glucose becomes an obstacle for vital bodily functions. The peripheral vascular system includes the longest vein and artery in our body, namely the peripheral vein and the peripheral artery.

When excessive free-flowing blood sugar damages the peripheral artery, it leads to Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). Sometimes, our blood sugar affects both the peripheral vein and artery, and this leads to Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD). 

PVD leads to quite a few foot problems like the lack of blood circulation, foot pain and frequent infections.

Diabetic socks that manage PVD should have antibacterial properties to keep frequent foot infections at bay.

2. Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral nerves are the longest nerves in our body. They start at our hips and end at the tip of our toes. When excessive blood sugar obstructs the peripheral nerve, it leads to peripheral neuropathy.

Those with diabetic peripheral neuropathy have trouble sensing pain, heat and cold. Damaged nerves often lead to a tingling sensation around the feet.

Diabetic socks that manage peripheral neuropathy should have temperature regulators to keep your feet comfortable.

3. Foot Pressure

Studies show that a combination of peripheral neuropathy, PVD and diabetes increases foot pressure. It’s like a constant high tide inside your feet! With higher foot pressure, a person with diabetes is prone to foot ulcers and lacerations.

Unlike other socks, diabetic socks must not cause any additional pressure on the feet. Instead, it must elevate the load. The lighter they make you feel, the better they are.

A good pair of diabetic socks must take care of all the above diabetic foot problems so that you are comfortable and can perform daily chores at ease.

Here is a list of popular diabetic socks in India, that would help you combat diabetic foot problems.

1. Syounaa Diabetic Socks

Syounaa have been around for a few years in India. The main focus for them is to create socks for diabetics and athletes. Syounaa socks are perhaps the only smart socks in India that are made with Celliant fibres.

Diabetic Socks Technology

Syounaa socks use Celliant fibers which is a unique fibre used to make bedding material, sporting apparel and diabetic footwear/clothing. This technology is US FDA determined where 13 unique minerals are infused in the thread.

The minerals perform two main tasks. Trap body heat in the socks and convert it to infrared energy and re-emit it to your feet. The infrared energy promotes blood circulation around your feet and calf region. With increased blood flow, there is more blood circulation. Veins and arteries are stimulated to perform better; hence, they supply the feet with fresh blood and expel deoxygenated blood.

With increased blood flow, your feet can naturally heal foot ulcers and lacerations. As a consumer, you may experience more comfort, better sleep and less foot pain by wearing a pair of Syounaa socks.

It also helps that the socks are white coloured and form-fitting. These socks do not bunch up around certain parts of your feet and protects them from infection. Lastly, Syounaa socks are also seamless. This means that you will not experience any irritation around your toes because of the socks.

Final Thoughts On Syounaa Diabetic Socks

These are made keeping an average Indian diabetic in mind. Hence the socks are light, comfortable and built specifically for those suffering from peripheral neuropathy and varicose vein problems.

They are form-fitting, hence making long walks not only possible but comfortable as well. There are no side effects of Celliant fibres, and you can wear the socks 24 hours a day.

The range of features in Syounaa socks makes it an ideal pair of socks for diabetics in India. It is one of the most popular diabetic socks in India as well. They have around 50 customer reviews for all their products on Amazon, and their products have an average of 4 to 4.5 stars.

2. Kudize Diabetic Socks

Kudize diabetic socks are another gel socks variety. They are in the mid-price range and are slightly superior to other gel-infused diabetic socks found in India.

Diabetic Sock Technology

As we said earlier, Kudize socks have a gel-padded sole. This adds a barrier between your feet and the ground.

Apart from the gel sole, they also have seamless toes. Seams often irritate your feet. People with diabetes must avoid foot irritation at all costs because irritation can lead to infections and infection to amputations. Therefore a seamless toe is ideal.

Kudize socks are form-fitting with an elastic-free top, making them ideal for people with diabetes because it does not contribute to foot pressure. Since they are form-fitting, they don’t bunch around the curves of your feet. It is an important feature that plays a significant role in reducing the chances of infection. 

Lastly, Kudize socks are light coloured. We cannot stress how important it is to have light coloured options, especially when it comes to diabetics.

While many of us identify foot ulcers by the pain, those who have severe diabetes tend to have severe neuropathy as well. And therefore they cannot feel pain. For these patients, it is essential to have lighter colour socks. In case they have any discharge on lighter socks, they can easily notice it. 

In moments like these, seconds can save us from an amputation. Wearing a pair of black socks, that make it difficult for you to see leakage, may delay you from getting the medical help you deserve. 

Final Thoughts On Kudize Diabetic Socks

Kudize provides excellent quality diabetic socks. They sell white socks with a decent range of features.

3. SR Biotech Diabetic Socks

Sr Biotech Lycra Diabetic socks are also sold in abundance in India. You can find them among local offline vendors and a few online e-commerce websites. These socks are in the mid-range variety.

Diabetic Sock Technology

Biotech uses a unique gel technology. It is one of the most common technologies used in socks. The gel adds an extra layer of padding between your feet and the floor, and it acts as an effective barrier from most injuries.

The gel padding works well for diabetics with plantar fasciitis and fat pad atrophy. It also prevents ulcers, cuts and lesions.

The socks have wicking properties which means that it keeps your feet dry and sweat at bay even on the most hot and humid days. The anti-slipping features allow you to wear these socks without shoes.

Though they keep sweat away from your feet, they mention clearly that the socks are not odour resistant, hence you must give it a good wash!

The gel padding works well for diabetics with plantar fasciitis and fat pad atrophy. It also prevents ulcers, cuts and lesions.

Final Thoughts On Sir Biotech Diabetic Socks

On the whole, Sir Biotech Socks is a decent brand for diabetic socks. Though there is very little information available about them, they have been honest with us with regard to what the socks can and cannot do.

They mention a nonrestrictive cuff, which means that the elastic band will not add pressure to your feet.

4. Heelium Diabetic Socks

Heelium is a new company. They launched in 2018, and their athletic socks were the first of their products. They have two diabetic socks variants and have around 4.25-star rating on Amazon.

Diabetic Sock Technology

Heelium Diabetic socks puts greater focus on their anti-infection properties. The socks are made of bamboo fibres. Bamboo is said to have antimicrobial properties. It protects your feet from a range of infections.

It also has a cushioned sole to protect your feet from external pricks, bruises, injuries caused by friction. The material is very absorbent and hence keeps sweat at bay. A combination of bamboo fibre and the porous nature of the socks makes it ideal for those who have diabetes.

The top elastic section is designed to be flexible so that it fits your feet without restricting blood flow or oxygen flow.

Final Thoughts on Heelium Diabetic Socks

Heelium Diabetic sock comes in the same price range as Dr. Oxyn Fresh socks. We noticed they provide both black and white colours. Black socks are fine for office goers and athletes but, as a person with diabetes, it’s ideal to have white diabetic socks. White socks allow you to identify cuts and bruises so that you can take immediate action.

5. Dr. Oxyn Fresh Diabetic Socks

As popular as these socks maybe, there is very little available about Oxyn Fresh Diabetic Socks. They don’t have an official website. Hence all the information we have gathered about them come from third party e-commerce websites.

Diabetic Sock Technology

Some Oxyn socks are made of a silver infused fabric. Silver infused material is said to minimise heat loss. With more heat there is an increase in blood circulation around the foot area and a decrease in the chances of foot infection.

The product claims to use 100% pure silver and that it meets all medical standards. They have also mentioned their socks to have thermodynamic properties. We know that silver retains heat, but they haven’t explained how the socks keep your feet cool during the summers.

Unfortunately, most Dr. Oxyn Diabetic Socks don’t contain silver. They have wicking properties to keep sweat at bay. Their socks have anti-static properties which means that a pair of Dr. Oxyn Fresh socks can reduce cuts and sores from friction. This limits the chances of infection.

One of their charts mentions that Oxyn Socks provide graduated compression. Socks with graduated compression provide more pressure near the ankles, which decreases as we move away from the ankle towards the calf. Graduated compression is ideal for those with deep vein thrombosis, and since the socks provide graduated compression, they are not considered compression socks.

Final Thoughts on Dr. Oxyn Fresh Socks

Dr. Oxyn Fresh socks are slightly on the cheaper end when compared to other popular diabetic socks in India. They have an average of 2.6-star rating on Amazon, and they sell around 9 sock varieties online (including combo offers).

Since there is limited information available to us, we cannot comment on the workability of the socks. Many customers have commented on the fabric being of inferior quality and providing them with adequate support.

While some of their socks are made with silver infused fabric, most of their varieties have wicking properties and seamless toes to reduce the chances of infection.

6. Progrin Diabetic Socks

Progrin diabetic socks have been in the Indian diabetic sock market for a while. They are similar to Sir Biotech Socks in terms of the technology they use, but they come at a lower price range.

Diabetic Sock Technology

Progrin diabetic socks also use gel technology. These socks have 2mm of gel spread across the inner soles of the socks.

The gel reduces foot pain and promotes blood circulation. It allows comfortable and painless walking.

They mention that their socks have a seamless toe to prevent friction-induced injuries on the toes.

As for anti-infection properties, they mention that the fabric is covered with an ‘antibacterial’ that helps you check infection, reduce odour and the chances of infection. However, they don’t specify which antibacterial covers the socks and how it helps you ‘check’ for infection. Also, it’s very unclear how the antibacterial works and how many washes would wither it down.

Final Thoughts on Progrin Diabetic Socks

Progrin socks use a gel sole. They do not classify as smart socks because they cannot thermoregulate temperature.

The Progrin diabetic socks have one of the most intense washing guides:

‘Do not use washing machine for washing or drying. Hand wash in tap water with soft soap. Do not wash in hot water. Do not squeeze. Do not iron or dry in direct sunlight.’

None of the socks we mentioned so far has a washing guide like the above.

7. Flamingo Diabetic Socks

Flamingo diabetic socks are reasonably accessible in India. However, we weren’t able to find their official website. Hence, all the information we provide is based on what is available from third-party e-commerce websites.

Diabetic Sock Technology

The technology isn’t clearly mentioned on the product. They briefly mention that Flamingo socks have a ‘full cushion lining’ which is said to reduce pain while walking.

They briefly mention ‘static silver’, but again, the amount and the purity of the silver is not indicated. Silver fibres have antimicrobial properties, and if they have a significant amount of silver, it can fight off common foot infections.

Final Thoughts On Flamingo Diabetic Socks

Flamingo Diabetic socks are on the cheaper range of diabetic socks. Their cushion lining and static silver is the only thing that sets them apart from regular socks.

The brand claims that it reduces your blood sugar and ‘cleans your feet’. Diabetic socks may help you manage diabetic related symptoms, but they cannot keep your blood sugar under control or ‘clean your feet’.

8. Vissco Diabetic Socks

Vissco is a relatively old company. They first came out in 1963 and were initially created to cure orthopaedic injuries. They have a range of products for pain solutions like shoulder braces, elbow braces, collars etc. They have recently put a focus on diabetic socks and foot comfort.

Diabetic Socks Technology

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between Vissco diabetic socks and regular socks. They have a cushion lining which induces a pain-free walking. The part of the fabric that touches the skin is made of cotton.

Secondly, these socks are seamless, thereby reducing the chances of infection.

Final Thoughts On Vissco Diabetic Socks

In our opinion, if you have a lower budget, or mild diabetes Vissco diabetic socks may be ideal for you. They provide some comfort to a person with mild blood sugar.

9. Bonjour Diabetic Socks

Bonjour is an Indian company launched in 1989 and has become quite popular all around India. They don’t primarily focus on diabetic socks; their products include a range of socks for men and women.

Recently they ventured into producing diabetic socks for men and women. 

Diabetic Sock Technology

Bonjour uses regular fibers for the production of their socks. They have a range of dark and light socks which is good for diabetic consumers.

Instead of a seamless toe, they have a soft toe seam. With many severe diabetics, even a soft toe seam may cause irritations.

The socks have extra padding at the sole, which may provide some relief while walking.

Final Thought on Bonjour Diabetic Socks

Bonjour diabetic socks are inexpensive compared to other diabetic socks types. They are much like a regular pair of socks with a cushion on the bottom.

10. Podolite Diabetic Socks

Podolite diabetic socks are the most inexpensive pair of diabetic socks on the list. There is very little information available about the workings of the socks. We have used third party E-commerce websites as well as their own, to determine the efficiency of the socks.

Diabetic Socks Technology

The only thing that sets them apart from regular socks are its’ ‘seamless fit’ and cushioned sole. So, the socks perhaps give more comfort when you are on the move. Seamless feet implies that it does not bunch up.

Final Thoughts On Podolite Diabetic Socks

Podolite socks may be a good pair for a non-diabetic person. It will be comfortable for long walks if you don’t have any existing foot problems.

Podolite diabetc socks do not bunch up around your feet. Bunching leads to sweat accumulation and foot pain. Thus making the saviour diabetic socks the one that initiates infection. Since Podolite is form fitting it allows you to walk comfortably.

Are Diabetic Socks Important?

We hope this article helped you decide which pair of diabetic socks are ideal for you. Please keep in mind that apart from the right pair of socks, frequent health checkups are a must. Only then can you avoid diabetic-related foot problems.

Diabetic socks can save you from a lot of trouble. An article published by The Hindu in 2018 shows us how dangerous diabetes can be. Writer Aswathi, starts by saying eight years ago; she lost all her toes in her right foot to diabetes. She goes on to say that her doctor recommended her to wear diabetic socks to protect her feet and her remaining toes.

A good pair of diabetic socks may save your life, or save you from an amputation. All the best! We hope you find diabetic socks that can protect you from cold feet, infections and make your life a little more comfortable.

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