10 Myths About Covid-19 Busted

10 Myths About Covid-19 Busted

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With Coronavirus spreading from door to door, people are cooped up in their homes, busy sharing lies about the condition. So in this article, we will talk about the 10 myths about Covid-19. Let’s bust those myths!

10 Myths About Covid-19 Busted

Here are the 10 most common myths about coronavirus. Let’s look at each of them.

1. Covid-19 Can Be Spread By Pet Dogs And Cats

Since the virus originally jumped from animals to humans, many are under the misconception that dogs and cats can spread the virus. There is a difference between being infected and being infectious. It is possible for dogs and cats to pick the virus from contaminated floors but they won’t become infectious and start spreading the virus on to other people.

Within a few weeks for the spreading, WHO clearly stated that dogs, cats and other pet animals cannot spread the virus.

2. Vitamin C And Other Supplements Protects Us For Coronavirus

It is true that you should be eating healthy and living healthy to keep your immune system strong at a time like this. However, there is no need to take pills. All medication should be taken after adequate testing and talked to your doctor.

There is no harm in having a mild dose of vitamin C now and again but there is no study that proves that it can protect you from the illness. We request everyone not to buy large amounts of vitamin c, zinc and other supplements. You may restrict supply for someone who needs these supplements more than you.

3. The Coronavirus Is Just Like The Flu

This is another misconception that is making many people take it for granted. If we can survive the flu, we can survive the coronavirus, right? Wrong! Though they appear similar, the flu and coronavirus work very differently.

To start with, the flu mostly affects the young. As you grow older, you start to develop some immunity from the condition. It is mostly characterized by a runny nose, cough and fever. Around 1.4% of flu patients die from it and it mostly affects children who don’t get medical attention on time.

10 Myths About Covid-19 Busted

The coronavirus molecules affect us very differently. It is mostly affecting the sick and the old. It diminishes our ability to create mucus. Which is why most coronavirus patients have dry cough, they difficulty breathing. 

The mortality rate for coronavirus is 3.4% which is 2% higher than the flu. However, since this virus is still very new, no one knows the full extend of the virus. Some scientists and doctors predict that the virus is 10 times worse than the flu.

4. It Only Affects Old And Sick People

Again, this statement is not true. Yes, older people, sick people, diabetic people etc have more chances of getting Covid-19 and they are more likely to affected by it in the worst way possible, but the young and the fit are not of the hook.

On March 9, a 3-year-old was reported to get Covid-19 in Kerala, India. She is the first child to get coronavirus in India

Though young adults and children usually get milder forms of covid-19 it largely depends on the amount of Covid-19 strains they are exposed to. If a person gets exposed to large amounts of the virus, they can be infected despite their age.

This is why people of all ages must practice social distancing, hand washing and proper sanitisation.

5. If I Get It Once I Won’t Get It Again

This is also not true. Scientists discovered that the coronavirus has more than one strain. It is possible that if you get infected by one strain, you can get infected by another strain. However, there have been a few cases when a person got infected with the same strain for the second time this season.

6. Everyone With Covid-19 Will Die

This is also not true. 80% of all coronavirus cases are mild and they don’t need any medical attention. In fact, many people don’t even know they have the virus. They are sick for a few days and they become fine again.

Those who get the worst version of the virus are usually caregivers or those who are exposed to large amounts of the virus at a time. Even then, it is possible to save these patients unless they get pneumonia and organ damage.

Remember that having milder forms of the virus still makes you a carrier, hence you must practice social distancing whether you get sick or not.

7. Drinking Hot Water And Gargling Will Protect Me From Covid-19

This statement is false. Drinking hot water may relief you from some of the symptoms but it will not protect you from getting Covid-19. You may feel temporary relief if you already have a cough and cold, but it does not reduce your chances of getting sick.

8. Drinking Alcohol Will Protect Me From Covid-19

Rubbing alcohol can kill the virus only if it is on a surface, including your hands, but it will not kill the virus if it is already inside you. Many are applying hand sanitiser on their faces to protect themselves from covid-19. Bear in mind that applying rubbing alcohol on your eyes and nose can cause you harm.

Recently, 27 people died in Khuzestan for drinking rubbing alcohol. Please stay away from false recommendations and only get all your news from credible sources.

9. You Need To Be With An Infected Person For 10 Minutes To Be Infected

The longer your are with an infected person, the higher chances you have of getting infected. However, you can get coronavirus from being exposed for a shorter duration as well. Basic hand washing, disinfecting clothes sanitising surfaces and social distancing is the only way to reduce our exposure to the virus.

10. The Coronavirus Will Die As It Gets Hotter

It’s true that the virus thrives in the winters and cold climates however, it does not mean that the virus will be completely eradicated during the hotter temperatures. Our normal body temperature is around 37 degrees celsius. If the virus can survive that, it can easily survive hot and humid temperatures.

Some doctors have hypothesized that the virus may not live for long under direct sunlight but if you are near an infected person, you can still get infected. There are no studies that can authenticate this hypothesis. Hence, people from all around the world, living in different climatic conditions, must take the same precautions.

We urge everyone to get all their safety information from credible sources. World health organisation and Indian government websites give you authentic information about the condition.

Please refrain from spreading false information on Whatsapp and other social media handles. If you aren’t sure of certain information, check it before sharing it with others. Let’s all do our bit to spread awareness about the condition, not lies! Please stay at home and be healthy.

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