10 Popular Diabetes And Health Blogs in India

10 Popular Diabetes And Health Blogs in India

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When you have diabetes and other health problems that eliminate your ability to perform daily tasks, you need some kind of comradeship to help you get through your days. Some of us are lucky to have that in a friend and/or family member who supports through everything in life. But most of our friends and family members don’t understand what we are going through. 

We live busy lives and in moments like these, we need help a community that understands exactly what we are going through. This is where many online health and fitness communities encourage us and give us a sense of belonging.

The same goes for our young athletes. Coaches and teammates are important but sometimes an online community that understands how difficult it is to maintain your diet and help you push through.

We all have unique paths to follow and a little support comes a long way. Here are 10 popular diabetes and health blogs in India to give us a little encouragement in our busy lives. 

We have arranged them from the tenth best blog to the best blog. Please bear in mind that the rating is based on our opinion. All the blogs below are unique in their ways and this is our way of celebrating good health through these ten beautiful blogs.

10. Healthy Diet For Diabetics

Healthy diet for diabetics is a wonderful blog made especially for diabetics in India. Indian food is very versatile. You can make it with a lot of ghee and butter or you can cook it light and make it perfect for a person with diabetes.

Healthy diet for diabetics covers all kinds of nutritional tips for diabetics. Many of their articles discuss what diabetics can and cannot eat. They also provide healthy alternatives that are perfect for a person with high blood sugar.

For instance, the article ‘How to make diabetic friendly Rotis with oats’, teaches us how to make Rotis with tasty oats filling. The final product is not only tasty but perfect for diabetics to manage their sugar levels.

Other articles tackle each food item separately. They tell diabetics the nutritional value of individual ingredients and why we should/shouldn’t include them in our diet.

Most of their articles are short and get straight to the point. And while most articles handle diet and nutrition-related topics, some of their articles also talk about life with diabetes.

If you have diabetes and need some inspiration in your kitchen we feel this is one of the best places to get started. Short snippets of information will give us the best ideas when it comes to cooking for a person with diabetes.

9. Medical Island

Medical Island is another health and fitness blog made for everyone with a strong mission in mind. The blog is owned by a doctor but he mentions that it is a collective effort by all doctors to make this blog a healthy environment to share knowledge and help others.

As the name suggests, the blog is targeted towards all health issues. They even have content for medical students. All their articles are not targeted towards health and diabetes, however, they have a few articles on diabetes. Every diabetic needs to read articles like ‘How To Control Your Diabetes Without Having To Give Up Your Favourite Foods’.

Other articles like ‘10 Signs You May Have A Kidney Condition’, may not be directly linked to diabetes but since many with diabetes often get kidney problems they will benefit from the contents in this blog.

They have quite a few health and fitness articles, making this a blog for everyone.

Medical Island has a vault of information and they are not likely to stop anytime soon. We wish them all the best and hope they continue educating people like they always do!

8. Dr Mohans

Dr Mohans is a great blog for diabetics. They have more than 9 pages worth of articles and since they are written by experienced doctors, you can trust this blog as a reliable source of information.

They have everything from complications faced by diabetics to healthy recipes for a diabetic. Some of their articles explain conditions intricately. Because of their medical background, they can provide us with information we are not able to find elsewhere.

For instance the article, ‘Does Diabetes Affect One’s Physical Appearance’, deals with something that crosses our mind quite often but we do not find an adequate answer to our question. Dr Mohans not only tells us what can happen to our physical appearance but also why it can happen and what we can do to stop it.

Just around the time of Diwali, published a few Diwali recipes that can be made healthy for a Diabetic.

They also cover a few lifestyle topics. For instance, the article ‘Challenges of Keeping Up Type 1 Diabetes’ follows several young students who have type 1 diabetes. It’s a motivational article that tells us that a person with type one diabetes can do pretty much everything. They speak from personal experience with diabetes and how they have learned to manage it with time. We feel anyone who has just been diagnosed with diabetes, should read this article! 

7. Diabetacare

Now here is a complete package for every diabetic out there. Diabetacare covers everything from delicious recipes to living with diabetes and we think every diabetes would benefit a whole lot just by going through their blog.

A majority of their articles are recipes for those with diabetes. Cooking healthy and tasty meals are hard. This is especially true for those who were diagnosed with diabetes at a later point in life. It’s difficult to change past habits. 

With diabetacare giving you healthy ideas for each meal, the process becomes more bearable and you can shift to a healthier diet with ease. From cheat day dishes like the Mushroom Cutlet and the iconic Marathi Puran Poli to healthy snacks like the Usli, Diabetacare is the place to go to.

Apart from food-related topics, they also cover heavy discussions. The one that stood out to us was ‘Creating A Comprehensive Ecosystem for Diabetes Management in India’. It discusses how diabetes has become an epidemic in India and while the health industry is benefiting from the increase in diabetic patients, there is very little funding provided to research.

We think Diabetacare is the best place to start reading if you have diabetes. Our only complaint though is that we haven’t seen new content from them after 2018. We hope this isn’t the end for Diabetacare and hope to see new content very soon.

6. De Diabetes India

De Diabetes India is a magazine made especially for those who have diabetes in India. It covers a range of topics for diabetics from types of diets, health complications to food, they pretty much have you covered.

Most of their articles are short hence they cover topics from a peripheral level. This is fine for concepts that do not need a lot of explanation.

Articles like ‘Importance of Rainbow Diet in Diabetes’ is a small but effective article. They explain what the rainbow diet is and further goes on to tell us the nutritious value of respective coloured fruits and vegetables and how it can help a diabetic.

The articles that have medical jargon are written with a doctor’s assistance. For instance, the article ‘How To Prevent Coronary Artery Disease,’ is written by Dr Manoj Kumar. It’s a relatively short article. But rest assured, the information is accurate and to the point. They explain what is CAD, why it occurs and how can one prevent it.

On the whole, we think De Diabetes India is a perfect blog for those who are new to diabetes and are learning new and better ways to manage the condition.

5. Fitness Vs. Weightloss

Fitness Vs. Weightloss, or Indian Weight Loss Blog, is a blog with a strong motive. It lives to teach us that there is a right and a wrong way to lose weight. They are committed to set us on the right path and help us stay fit without harming our bodies.

Their articles revolve around current topics. For instance, the cotton ball diet became quite popular in the modelling industry in 2013 and despite the health risks, weight loss extremists still do it today! That is why the article on the Cotton Ball Diet is very important. It talks about the dangers of this diet and why losing weight is not so important that you should start eating cotton balls.

Their articles are long and usually handle topics in depth. This helps readers understand new diets, fitness regiments without looking at other sources.

Though they are a health and fitness blog, they have a special section for those with diabetes. It covers a range of food items that are good for those with diabetes, nutrition and exercise tips for diabetics of all ages.

This blog incorporates both men and women because fitness is for everyone. We like the article ‘Yoga Poses for Busy Men’. Whenever we think of Yoga we think of women. It is usually propagated to women as it is believed to be light and ideal to a health and fitness woman’s needs. This is not true. Men too can benefit from yoga and this article tells us just that.

Most of their articles are published in 2019. We hope they continue blogging in the coming future!

4. Mom On The Run

She’s a single mom, she’s a runner, she’s a freelancer and she advocates good health. Today’s audience needs someone who is living the life they talk about and that is why we feel Mom On The Run, is effective amongst sports enthusiasts, fitness lovers and single moms who are trying to be fit.

This blog is owned by Anupriya Kapur. She started the blog in 2014 and is still running strong. Having a blog that has aged a few years has its pros. It has a long archive of articles people can refer to at any time.

She shared quite a few running blogs in 2017 which in our opinion is the best way to motivate people to run. One of our favourite running blogs is the one with ‘Ultra Dog’. It’s nice to run when we have someone to motivate us. If that companion is a four-legged furry friend, that’s the icing on a cake! This article is a motivating story of a stray dog who decided to partake in the marathon. It warms the hearts of all runners, fitness enthusiasts and animal lovers alike.

Apart from lifestyle articles and guest posts, there are a few articles that are catered towards novice runners/trainers. They don’t have a heavy factual undertone, rather they are written in the first person and captures the author’s personal views towards fitness.

The article ‘3 Amazing Things That Happen When You Strength Train’, for instance, could have just been another article about strength training and why it is important. But Anupriya takes on a very interesting angle here. She talks about how she doesn’t look like someone who strength-trains.

The article goes on to explain the changes she noticed once she started strength training and how important it is for everyone – man and woman – to start picking up those weights.

Our only gripe with this blog is that there haven’t been as many sport/fitness articles in 2019 as there were in the previous years. However, we hope that changes very soon so that we can find mom on the run, back on track!

3. Diabetes India

Of course, when we are talking about the best health and diabetes-related blogs in India, we cannot omit Diabetes India! This magazine has been made especially for those with diabetes. They cover a wide range of lifestyle topics and hurdles diabetics face daily.

From healthy diets to exercise they have it all. We found the Diabetes Dictionary to be particularly interesting. As a person with diabetes, there are so many terms you need to learn, so many concepts you need to understand. In 5 to 10 years of having diabetes, you become some sort of an expert – at least with your diabetes. 

This dictionary helps you through the process. It explains simple anatomical terms like ‘amino acids’ to illnesses like ‘angiopathy’. Every diabetic needs a diabetes dictionary to get through their everyday life.

All of their articles are written by Doctors and this gives diabetic patients a lot of assurance. After all, with all the myths about diabetes, we all need a source we can trust and Diabetes India is just that. 

2. Put That Cheese Burger Down

Put that Cheese Burger Down is a fun name for a diet and lifestyle blog. It deals with topics that revolve around health, food and fitness. Their articles are longer, in-depth and use scientific evidence/research to prove their point.

This blog is owned by Neha Ghosh, who mentions that she suffered from crippling anxiety and this blog is a way to get back on track. While this has been her journey to fitness and health we are sure that many others are inspired to literally, ‘put that cheeseburger down’, and live a healthier life!

We also like the layout of this blog – simple with a white background and several photos and videos to support their articles. This makes the reading process so much easier and helps us absorb current discussions.

The way we consume content has changed drastically over the last decade. Unlike most other blogs on this list, Put That Cheese Burger Down, has a video section for all those who prefer watching than reading. None of the videos are produced by PTCBD, however, they are all important videos, bound to inspire you.

Many of their articles are focused on women. After all, women are too busy taking care of their families that they completely forget taking care of themselves. For instance, the article ‘Women, What You Eat Matters More Than You Know’, talks about the problems women are facing because of nutritional deficiencies. Then the article talks about healthy food items that you must introduce to your daily diet.

Lastly, this blog is for everyone who feels they need to pay attention to their health and have more control over their life!

1. Healthify Me

Healthify me is a health blog made for those suffering from weight problems and unhealthy eating habits. We usually know when we are neglecting our health and it’s hard to find the motivation to get back on track. Healthify Me provides readers with the right amount of motivation so that they can piece their life together.

The blog has a perfect set of categories made for someone who wants to lose weight, namely – ‘Weightloss’, ‘Diet’, ‘Workout’ and ‘Yoga’. 

Healthify Me covers every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. For instance, we often take care of our diet and exercise. Rarely do we pay attention to things like sleep. Healthify talks about the importance of a wholesome lifestyle. One where we don’t deprive our bodies of the essentials.

Another thing we noticed about their blog is that all articles are either written or reviewed by a health expert. This is why the articles contain in-depth knowledge and readers can rest assured that the information coming from this blog is authentic.

We like the ‘Get Inspired’ section of the blog where they cover real-life stories of people who have living healthier lives today. For instance, Ishav Mehta’s post-pregnancy weight loss story can motivate many pregnant women to get fit the right way. Bodily changes can lead to depression but there is a way to get back on track. Healthify Me’s blog provides us with the right ingredients to live a fit and happy lifestyle.

So here is our list of the top ten health and diabetes blogs in India. It takes a special person to commit to a routine and stick to it and it is near impossible to do it without someone cheering us on. Sometimes all we need is someone who understands us and helps us stay on track. In a busy world, we felt these ten popular diabetes and health blogs can create a sense of belonging and push you to strive to be the best version of yourself!

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