Diabetes And Coronavirus – Are Covid-19 Mortality Rates High Amongst Diabetics?

diabetes and coronavirus

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As of now, there have been around 3,300 deaths in the country. Doctors have acknowledged that there is a 50% higher chance of mortality from coronavirus amongst diabetics. Why is this so and how can you protect your self from coronavirus. Let’s find out.

The purpose of this article is not to alarm anyone but to give you all the more reasons to prioritise your health during this difficult time. As the popular saying goes, ‘your body is your temple’. Diabetes may be a small hindrance to daily life but it should stop you from giving your body the best nourishment it needs.

Diabetes And Coronavirus – What Is The Correlation?

As we have seen from many news outlets that the Coronavirus works very differently than other types of diseases. Those with morbid conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease etc are worse hit by the condition than those with strong immunity. Why is it so?

This happens mostly because of your immunity. High blood sugar makes the body work extra hard to conduct normal bodily functions. This leads to a compromise on the body’s immunity and makes it even more challenging for the body to fight against foreign bodies.

This is why diabetics are prone to foot infections, post-operative infections, contagious illness etc. The Coronavirus is no exception.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Covid 19

We know that we have covered the basics before. In this article, we want to go further in-depth and talk about specific things that a diabetic can do to protect themselves from Coronavirus.

Relationship Between Metabolic Control And Coronavirus

Doctors say that diabetics with poor metabolic control are far more likely to be affected by the Coronavirus. So, what is metabolic control? And how do you make sure you have control?

What Is Metabolism And Metabolic Control?

Metabolism refers to the complex chemical functions that occur in a body. It usually refers to the digestion and chemical breakdown of food. Someone who can control their metabolism is able to increase or decrease the enzyme counts with the help of medication and lifestyle.

As you may already know, the metabolism rate is very different for diabetics because the insulin produced is either too less to absorb the glucose in the blood or it is too much that the body grows resistant of it. Either way, diabetics have poor metabolic control which directly affects their immune system.

Though the symptoms of diabetes may be the same, the way type 1 and type 2 diabetes works are very different. Therefore it is important to understand them individually so that you are better equipped to handle it.

How is type 1 and type 2 diabetes different from one another?

How Can Type  1 Diabetics Establish Metabolic Control?

Type 1 diabetics don’t produce enough insulin in their body and that immensely slows down metabolic rate because there is a lot of free-flowing glucose particles in their body and the liver and muscles are not getting the signal to absorb the glucose. 

Since these particles are not put into use, they cause a hindrance to the metabolic rate and slows it down.

On the other hand, when the organs and muscles are not getting glucose from the liver they trigger the pancreas to release the glucagon hormone. This hormone then converts glycogen in the liver to produce more glucose!

Using Insulin To Establish Metabolic Control

Doctors who spoke to Bangalore Mirror said that Insulin should be used on time to establish a strong metabolic control. So, if you are a type one diabetic, now is not the best time to experiment with your insulin. Stick to your insulin and meal timings.

You may have to adjust your dose a bit because you are not able to go out and exercise.

The longer you stay hyperglycaemic the higher chances you have to get infections. Your organs are strained, making it very easy for the coronavirus to enter your system.

We are sure you and your doctor have worked out an insulin and diet plan that works for you. Keep an extra supply of short-acting insulin to protect you from sugar spikes and make sure you have your doses on time. 

Additionally, you should avoid simple carbs as much as you can so that your body is not pressured to store the excess sugars and can use up its energy to fight against foreign bodies.

Correlation Between Type 2 Diabetics And Metabolic Control

With Type 2 diabetics the problem is not as easy to solve, especially if you have severe type two diabetes for more than 10 years.

In the case of Type 2 diabetes, the body has grown resistant to the excess production of insulin. In this regard, the insulin acts like a drug, in the sense that the liver and muscles need more insulin to do the same amount of work.

Type 2 diabetics also have poor metabolic control because the pancreas is exhausted from producing such high quantities of insulin. This slows down bodily functions and makes the body susceptible to infections like the Coronavirus.

How Can Type 2 Diabetics Establish Metabolic Control

While Type 1 diabetics need to inject insulin to establish metabolic control, type 2 diabetics have to increase insulin sensitivity to ensure that the liver and muscles can store glucose as glycogen without overworking the pancreas.

Doctors may suggest using insulin in emergency situations, but, the ultimate solution to your problem is to increase insulin sensitivity again so that your body can use the insulin it is producing naturally.

Here are some ways to increase insulin sensitivity:

1. Exercise

When you exercise your body uses up more sugar and the liver and muscles are ready to store more glucose as glycogen. When they have storage space they are far more likely to accept the insulin signals and store the excess glucose in the blood as glycogen.

A good cardio workout is very effective in burning glucose and increasing insulin sensitivity because it is quick to burn glucose.

2. Saying No To Simple Sugars

One of the main reasons why the liver and muscle cells grow receptive to insulin is because their glycogen storage is full. This gets worse when your diet is packed with simple sugars. With more glucose in the blood and glycogen storages full, there is very little that your body can do naturally.

So, when you cut down on sugary food and simple carbohydrates, your body can finally use up the stored sugars. Once the stored sugars start to get used up, the liver and the muscles are more likely to listen and use up the glucose in the blood.

When your blood sugar is in range, your body is going to be less stressed and can divert its energy to create a healthy immune system. As we already know that the coronavirus mostly affects those with weak immunity; this is why diabetes and coronavirus is a deadly combination.

We must do everything in your power to make sure our sugars are under control and our defences are high. Be safe and be healthy.

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