Healthy carbs for diabetics

Healthy carbs for diabetics

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When you are a diabetic, the dietary choices you make has a great impact on your life. Unlike type 1 diabetics, type 2 diabetics can protect themselves from further complications just by having a good diet plan. Part of a good diet includes the kind of carbohydrates we include in our day to day meals.

Here is a list of carbs that have a high glycaemic index and are generally good for diabetics.

Brown Rice

Most diabetics must reduce white rice to bring down their blood sugar. While white rice can lead to high blood sugar, brown rice works as a much better dietary option for diabetics. It is packed with nutrients and fibres that increases the glycaemic index. The longer the brown rice stays in your digestive system, the faster it reduces the chances of glucose spikes.

Brown rice is especially beneficial if eaten with beans or other green legumes. A study published in the Journal of Food and Science (2016 Edition) shows that when we eat brown rice and green beans together, they produce peptides which reduces the risk of complications caused by diabetes and hypertension.

Sweet Potatoes

 Among other starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes are perhaps one of the most beneficial variety for diabetics. Thoroughly wash sweet potatoes but leave the skin on when you cook them (unless your doctor recommends otherwise). Sweet potatoes have a good supply of vitamins and minerals; most of which is right beneath the skin of the vegetable. The high amount of fibres in sweet potatoes make it a far superior choice than regular potatoes.

Francine Kaufman, a well known American Diabetes Mellitus researcher and scientist, recommends half a plate of starchy vegetables and quarter of a plate of non-starchy vegetables for every meal. She says that this will regulate the daily fibre intake for type two diabetics. The truth is, starchy vegetables that have a good amount of fibres with protect you from the adversities of high blood sugar. However, your diet will only be successful if you have starchy grains and vegetables in moderation.


One cup of oats has approximately 30g of carbohydrates and it makes for a healthy breakfast choice. There are two kinds of oats, rolled oats and instant oats. Though rolled oats must simmer in water or milk for at least five minutes, instant oats is pre-cooked before it is packed. Which is why is softens as soon as you add hot water on it. Nutritionally they are not very different from one another but make sure to read the labels carefully when you buy instant oats as some companies bleach quick oats to enhance its appearance which diminishes its nutritional value. Steel cut rolled oats are a better option in that regard.

Oatmeal is a relatively healthy carbohydrate. It not only regulates sugar but is also low in cholesterol which allows diabetics to maintain a healthy heart. Since it is high in fibres it also allows weight management. The only drawback of oatmeal is that the high fibre content may cause bloating. But you can easily resolve this issue by increasing your water intake.


Bajra or millet is a common source of carbohydrate, largely in the rural areas. It is a healthy carbohydrate source particularly for diabetics. This grain is also a rich source of amino acids and iron which is why vegetarians should add millets in their diet. These are just few of the many benefits of bajra. All the more reasons for diabetics to add millets in their diet. We can make it into a dough and roll it out like rootis (Indian flat bread), or we can cook it with spices and make it into a porridge. Have it any way you like but include it in your diet!

High Fibre Fruits

Fibrous fruits like apples, grapes, berries etc are good for diabetics. Since diabetics are not allowed table sugars, these fruits let you cater to your sweet tooth. They also create less cravings and allows you to build healthy eating habits.

The fibres in fruits help you control your sugars and makes you feel full. This reduces your cravings as you stay full for a longer period.

Looking at the above list, we’re sure you noticed a trend. Healthier carbohydrates are those with more fibres and a high glycaemic index. Fibres make you feel full and therefore you are less likely to crave for food. However, there are a few drawbacks to having high amounts of fibres in your diet. Bloating and flatulence is one of the most common kinds of discomforts faced. Try not to have all the above-mentioned carbs on the same day. Instead, mix it up and have one variety of carbs in a single meal. When you do have a carbohydrate with a high fibre content make sure you increase your water intake two hours after the meal. This will reduce chances of bloating and flatulence.

Lastly, for your diet to be effective, you must include workout routines as a part of your daily fitness. Always wear proper footwear and breathable fabrics to make your workout and diet plan more affective.

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