What is Diabetic Fatigue and How Can We Overcome It?

What is Diabetic Fatigue and How Can We Overcome It?

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Diabetics have many problems to deal with but sometimes they are just too tired to handle all of them. Diabetic fatigue is indeed an issue. Recent studies show that 85% diabetics experience fatigue. We should always take diabetic fatigue seriously so that we can work on ways to get fitter.

What is Diabetic Fatigue

Remember that sleepy feeling you get right after eating a heavy meal? Well, some diabetics get that feeling all the time. That is the closest we can get to describing diabetic fatigue. The truth is, it is a lot worse when you feel fatigued day in and day out. It happens differently for everyone but every diabetic can agree that fatigue is a terrible feeling.

It sets in when diabetes causes too much pressure on your body because excess blood sugar creates an obstruction for oxygen to reach vital organs. The reduced capacity of our organs can lead to deficiencies or hormonal imbalance. This ultimately leads to fatigue. It is not a pleasant feeling and can affect the way a diabetic carries on with their everyday life.  As a result, many diabetics are not able to keep a steady job or be valid members of the society. But there are ways to work on diabetic fatigue. We have listed them below.

Light Workouts

Depending on your condition, light workouts work well for those who have Diabetic fatigue. You can take a stroll in the park when you feel the fatigue creep in. A walk in the mornings usually help because the sun rejuvenates the body and a quick workout springs your body awake. It also helps to wear the right equipment during the workout sessions. Breathable fabric oxygenates our body and we get better results from our workouts.

A light workout can also include household chores. However, household chores only qualify as a workout when you concentrate on your body movements while cleaning the house. So, stop stressing about the mess, clean because you want a good workout. Play time with pets is another good way to keep the body fit and active.

Study Signs of Depression

Sometimes Diabetic Fatigue occurs because of depression. According to a study published by the Journal of American Medical Association, 54% people with Type 2 diabetes are at a greater risk for depression and diabetic fatigue. So, it is important to know the symptoms of depression so that you can take timely action to prevent it. The lack of interest for work, or overdoing leisure activities, like binge watching web series or obsessive eating are major signs of depression. Depression is different for everyone. So, if you feel sad of hopeless and if that is getting in the way of work, there is a good chance you have depression.

Depression and diabetes can not only cause fatigue, but it can also make the affected individual feel unwilling for treatment. In the 1970s, a type one diabetic, Scott Strange journaled his experience with both depression and diabetes. He had depression from childhood and in one of his journal entries, he wrote, ‘I ignored my diabetes for four decades.’ Ignoring diabetes and diabetic fatigue can cause a lot of harm to your body so it is important to depression seriously.

Monitor Your Diet

Sometimes, sugars from starchy meals can cause pressure to the kidneys and the liver. When our organs are overworked we feel fatigued and the best way to overcome this is by keeping our diet light and easy to digest. Deep fried potatoes, white rice, maida, are carbs with a low glycemic index and can easily add pressure to the body. A protein rich diet is great for the system. Though a bit of oil is important for the body, avoid fried meals and reduce carbs and white flour in your diet. Instead go for light and lean meat with less cholesterol. This will keep your organs functioning smoothly and keep you light on your toes.

Doctor Visits

A visit to your doctor can answer a lot of questions. A few tests can tell you how your organs are working and which part of your body is most affected by diabetes. Sometimes reduced hormones, especially sex hormones, or anaemia can cause fatigue and diabetes tends accelerate its effects. So, frequent visits to your physician can give you a lot more answers than you think.

It is not easy to live with diabetes and it may take a toll on your body. It is important to understand when the effects of fatigue is stopping you from carrying out daily activities. The faster we work on it the quicker we can heal from it.

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